Quantitative Management Consulting, our story

OMNI Risks Management provides quantitative consulting services to the financial industry on valuation and risk topics.  

OMNI started providing project-based services on model development and building customized solutions, solving trading and risk management issues. OMNI later also completed several listed derivatives IM model validation projects.  We very naturally transitioned to focusing on all Model Risk Management issues, leveraging our own internal developments. OMNI currently also provides on-site MRM consulting services on pricing and IM models for OTC derivatives. Today, building on our experience and expertise, we are launching a quantitative finance platform and providing consulting services around it. 

Our team members are educated as mathematicians, financial engineers, or statisticians but all are also deeply trained as developers. Our experience of the business, knowledge of the regulations and technology expertise make for a versatile, agile, and innovative team to tackle most quantitative finance problems.

Model Risk Management

Agile solutions for a changing world

Model Risk Management

Our core expertise is Model Risk Management. It is the result of thorough studies of various regulations and the experience gained through years working on most MRM aspects. We think models are the core of modern finance and we believe Model Risk Management should be central, global, unique, fractal and transformative for any financial institution.

Agile solutions for a changing world

Our work has made us seasoned developers, and we leverage our numerous years of experience to create business-centric solutions meeting the expectations of the users and the requirements of the regulators.  We strive towards quality and simplicity of use to offer our clients the best possible products. As part of our quest for value, our models are highly optimized and continuously updated.



We believe in constant improvement and strive to exceed the expectations of the people we work with. We set a high bar for ourselves and expect to meet our goals.


We are passionate about what we do. We love challenges that mix mathematics, finance, and technology and respond by always creating more perfect and efficient solutions. We are always looking for ways to improve our platforms.


We want to make a difference. We focus on providing services and products of the highest value.  Everything we do needs to be impactful for our clients.