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UMR Uncleared Margin Requirements
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Phases 5 & 6 of UMR are here. Our comprehensive, flexible and user-friendly interface brings you all the tools you need to set up or optimize your business processes while ensuring full regulatory compliance.

Our SIMMForce solution provides you with the best-in-class computation, optimization and simulation tools, but more importantly, it brings you an entire framework around the calculation engines to meet your business and regulatory requirements and support your clients.

Manage your models

With the ever-increasing digitalization of finance,
MRM Model Risk Management
can no longer be an after thought, but rather, we view it as the foundational cornerstone of any new business. The regulators also think so, and this has added an immense cost layer to financial institutions. Having the right framework is essential to meet these new requirements and tame their costs without stifling your organization’s agility and innovation.

ModelsForce ensures efficient workflows and makes MRM compliance a breeze for all the stakeholders…


The OTC derivatives markets are currently undergoing historical business and regulatory changes while adapting to the digital age. The new challenges are not marginal but transformative.

We are developing a full suite of modular solutions to help you meet all your OTC derivatives challenges, transform your workflows and meet your new increased reporting and regulatory requirements.

Business centric platforms

Our platforms seek to respond to regulatory requirements and related business needs.  Hence, the starting points of our designs are the users’ needs and the regulatory requirements to meet – not a calculation library or an existing product.


Intuitive user interfaces

Our platforms are fully documented but we aim at designing interfaces that are so intuitive as to make its documentation unnecessary. Also, we pay close attention to and consider users’ feedbacks to continuously improve your experience.

Instantaneous integration

OMNI adheres to the main recognized formats for data exchange, but having said that, we also stand ready to build any bespoke ETL your systems may require. Whether you are using our web user interfaces or our APIs, that is all that is required for an immediate usage.


Modular solutions

Our modular architecture allows you to choose the specific services you need for your specific circumstance. Whatever your needs are, we can adapt our offering to mount the most adapted response for you.

We are here 24/7

OMNI's quantitative analysts are experienced and stand ready to help you. Specifically, we can support you at every step of your journey, on all aspects of UMR/SIMM.


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